Videos for Cats to Watch – Birds and Squirrel Fun in December

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed on December 1st 2016 #PaulDinning


By earmpy

24 thoughts on “Videos for Cats to Watch – Birds and Squirrel Fun in December”
  1. My cats were fascinated by this! I found this yesterday and I watched one of my cats watching this video, while I was behind the propped up iPad to see her reaction. Her pupils kept dilating and then back into the small slits instantly whenever a bird fluttered off, like they do just before pouncing. It was actually sort of creepy watching her eyes doing that…hahaha…

    Her much more intelligent brother watched this video about 6 times yesterday. His pupils stayed the same, but he kept going and looking behind the iPad to see where the birds went…there were some smears on the iPad screen after I turned it off, and I didn't know how they got there until I realized it was saliva. He must have tried to "catch" one of them with his mouth.😹

    What an awesome video, thank you for posting it! 💕

  2. My cat Skittles is about 4 years old. He normally seems to watch videos with me. But this is the first time he's actually been engaged with a video! He jumped off my lap and is now sitting in front of my TV just watching.

  3. Спасибо огромное! Мой кот Арчи смотрел все 15 минут не отрываясь! Отвлекла его, иначе требовал, чтобы я играла с ним)

  4. My cat (mostly) sat in my lap while watching this. His tail flicking and his head snapping as he watched the birds fly in and out of the camera's view. Towards the end he was standing and I had to keep him from jumping in the desk lol But, it was obvious he was enjoying it.

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