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Viral: Ross Gellers Sandwich Meme Turned Into Reality For Someone

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Remember that classic episode from the beloved American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Ross Geller’s precious sandwich was stolen at his workplace? Thanks to its stellar performance and unforgettable script, it has given birth to countless internet memes that we all cherish. Who can forget Ross’s iconic dialogue, “Someone from work ate my sandwich,” and Chandler’s sarcastic reply, “What did the police say?” And of course, the memorable line where he declared, “That sandwich was the only good thing going on in my life.” In a real-life twist, a similar sandwich incident unfolded. A post on X (formerly known as Twitter) shed light on this laugh-out-loud situation. According to the post, a woman found her orders repeatedly ending up in someone else’s hands. She turned to her workgroup for answers, and one of her colleagues shared a screenshot of the chat in a tweet.
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In the chat, a woman named Neha S. posed the question, “Hello folks, has someone taken my Subway order from the counter mistakenly? This is the third time it’s happened this week.” In a surprising twist, another woman named Neha Rai chimed in, saying, “Hi! I’m Neha from the accounts department. I’m sorry; I thought someone was sending it in my name. I went ahead and ate it now.” Frustrated Neha S. could only muster an “Arey??” in response to this unexpected revelation. The accompanying text alongside the screenshot humorously summed it up, ” Aaj office mein kalesh hua hai [Today, there’s chaos in the office.]” 

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There were hundreds of hilarious comments under this tweet.

A user wrote, “Aage ki Chat dekhne ke liye Popcorn le liye hai ab upload karo [For the next chat, we’ve got our popcorn ready. Now, go ahead and upload it.]”

Another user wrote, “This is Nehaverse.!!!”

A person questioned, “Did they recreate this scene?”, along with Ross’ GIF.

Someone said, “Next time she should order an extra spicy sub and give it to Neha from the account.”

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