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Viral: This Robotic Waitress Fears Getting Fired – Watch To Know Why

Step into the future and witness the wonders of artificial intelligence. It’s a world where complex tasks are completed in the blink of an eye, and our lives have become much smoother. And, guess what? The AI revolution doesn’t stop there. Now, a video of an AI waitress bot named Peanut has caught the attention of many people on social media. The clip opens with the AI bot making its way towards the tables, in order to guide the customers towards it.  When someone blocks its path, it says, “Don’t block my way, please! I have work to do, or I’ll be fired!” This Instagram reel shared on the page @uncovering_ai has gathered more than 2 million views. Watch it below: 

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People were left fascinated by the incident. While some found it “cute,” others expressed concerns about AI taking away jobs. Read some of the reactions below:

A user compared Peanut to other popular AIs, jesting, “At least he was polite. Siri and Alexa would have said, ‘You need to move so I can do my job!'” 

Another wrote, “Robot just tryna make a living he doesn’t want to be fired.”

A third said, “Aww super cute haha.”

In the midst of all the fun, a self-mocking comment added a touch of humour, exclaiming, “If a machine is afraid of being fired, just imagine my own worries!” 

People were eager to know the location of this extraordinary restaurant, and one helpful user revealed, “The restaurant is called Hot Pot and it’s in sunny Florida.” 

A few came up with serious concerns. “The worry of diminishing job opportunities in the wake of the AI revolution,” a comment read. 

Tell us your views about this AI robot and her quick response in the comment section below. 

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