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Viral Video: Family Playing Unusual Foodie Game Has Left Internet Divided

The world of the Internet is buzzing with crazy trends. As we scroll through our social media feeds, we encounter memes, funny videos, and amazing music. Recently, a specific trend gaining popularity on Instagram involves family games. Families come together to play various games that either entail punishments or rewards, often involving money or treats. A particular video posted by a family of six showcased a unique food adventure within their game. On one side of the table, eight glasses were arranged, each containing barbeque sauce, hot sauce, mustard sauce, lemon juice, ketchup, mayonnaise, milk, maple syrup, and a $100 note. Behind this setup was a raised platform. The challenge was to slide an Oreo biscuit, and depending on the glass it landed in, they had to eat the Oreo after retrieving it. If the biscuit landed in the glass with the $100 note, as you might have guessed, the person gets the money.
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The first attempt landed the biscuit in the ketchup glass, subjecting the woman to the tangy taste of the biscuit. The next one ended up in the hot sauce.”It’s not good” the man said after eating it. The third participant managed to drop Oreo in the maple syrup, adding an extra sweet flavour. The subsequent member’s attempt lands the biscuit into a ketchup glass. After consuming it, he commented, “So bad.” Following that, the next person can be seen biting into an Oreo dunked in lemon juice. Finally, in a surprising turn, the last member’s attempt directed the biscuit to the $100 note glass. Now, we have a winner.
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People loved the super fun activity.
A user wrote, “This looks like an incredibly fun game for family and friends on the big holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas! I love this!.”
Another added, “Great idea for a game. Love it! “
“You all honestly know how to enjoy family time!” read a comment. 
A person said, “We should do this for Xmas.” 
Someone asked, “Why do you put your private family time on social media?”
Well, everyone was not in favour of the game and called it “dumb”.
A person said, “This is all so so soooo dumb. I hate all of this and am so annoyed it’s even coming up on my feed.“
“You turn the camera on for social media and normal people become over-actors,” a user added.
“Stop wasting food,” echoed a few.


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