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Wait, What? Additional Charge On Restaurant Bill With Strange Title Puzzles Internet

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Restaurant bills have been a subject of much debate and contention recently. Sometimes, we see eateries levying extra charges for things like a bottle of mineral water or even air conditioning. We hardly get the time to study each and every entry on the bill and mostly end up paying what is asked of us. But recently, a Reddit user scrutinised his bill and realised that they had added a bizarre charge with a strange title. Take a look at the post shared by the user:

My dinner receipt had a message for me…
by u/KnightOfChronos in pics

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The post shared by u/KnightOfChronos was shared in the subreddit r/pics. “My dinner receipt had a message for me,” read the caption to the post. The table for two enjoyed a yummy meal on August 3rd at an undisclosed restaurant. They had fried chicken, carbonara pasta, brown butter cake with a side of ice cream and a dish named ‘Lenalicious’. However, the last item on the restaurant bill was the one that left internet users scratching their heads. “You’re an A*****e,” read the entry on the bill.
Later, the same user revealed that it was actually a charge for a cocktail whose name included the expletive. “Context: My wife and I went to a restaurant for her birthday and we both had cocktails. I completely forgot the name of the cocktail when the receipt came but its name was “You’re an A*****e, Mr. Burton”. It caught me by surprise,” he explained.
A flurry of reactions poured into the comments section of the post. “I genuinely wish wait staff could just tack on service charges like this,” commented one user. “26 dollar carbonara? You’ve been ripped off,” noted another. A few others found the names of the cocktails quite hilarious.
What did you think when you first saw the picture of the restaurant bill? Tell us in the comments.

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