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Warning: This Himachali Beduan Roti May Make You Ditch Regular Rotis Forever

The mere mention of Himachali cuisine instantly reminds us of classic delicacies such as chana madra, siddu, and chha gosht. Their delightful aroma and tantalizing flavours make us fall in love with the cuisine every single time. They enjoy popularity not only within the state but also have a huge fan base across the country. Among these classics lies a treasure trove of dishes that are equally delicious but do not enjoy an equal limelight. One such dish that deserves credit is beduan roti. Sounds quite unique, right? Well, it’s not just its name that is distinctive; its flavour and texture will take you by surprise too. It would be a refreshing change for you to try it instead of the regular roti. Before we delve into the recipe, let’s understand what this Himachali roti is all about.
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What is Himachali Beduan Roti?

Himachali beduan roti is not close to our preconceived notion of what a roti should be like. It’s not just a plain roti but instead is stuffed with a delectable arbi filling. It is somewhat akin to a close cousin of paratha. The dough is prepared using makki ka atta, which imparts a beautiful taste to the roti. Imagine biting into a crispy roti that reveals a flavourful and spicy filling inside it. This unique take on roti will undoubtedly catch you by surprise. You can prepare this dish to assemble a wholesome breakfast or lunch meal. Don’t forget to top it with fresh makhan and some curd and achaar to savour its flavours.

How To Make Himachali Beduan Roti | Beduan Roti Recipe

Start by preparing the stuffing for the roti. Wash the arbi and then pressure cook it along with some water for 2-3 whistles. Once done, drain the water and allow the arbi to cool. Grate it into a bowl and add chopped onions, red chilli powder, garam masala, fennel seeds, amchur powder, dry methi, and salt. Mix well and set it aside. For the dough, add makki ka atta and salt to a bowl. Gradually add water and knead to form a smooth dough. Divide it into equal portions.
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Take a small portion of the dough and spread it evenly using your hands. Place a spoonful of the prepared arbi stuffing on it. Spread another roti using your hands and place it gently over the filling, sealing all the edges. You can use a rolling pin to flatten it out as well, but make sure not to roll it out too flat. Heat a tawa and apply ghee over it. Place the roti on it until it turns golden and crispy. Flip and cook on the other side. Serve hot and relish!

For the complete recipe of Himachali beduan roti, click here. 

Try this unique roti at home and surprise your family at the breakfast table!

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