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Watch: Grooms Reaction On Finding His Dog Depicted On Wedding Cake Will Make Your Day

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If you ask about one universal dessert that is both delicious and comforting, our vote goes to cake. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or weddings, what’s a celebration without some cake, right? But it surely becomes priceless when it comes along with a special touch—a heartfelt note or meaningful design. With that being said, a groom on his wedding day was surprised with one such precious cake. She didn’t write her vows on it but included a tiny replica of someone special for the groom. Wondering who? The couple’s cutest furry friend—Missy. On receiving this delightful surprise, the groom looked to be quite touched by the gesture of his bride. The video was shared with the text that read, “When the bride surprises the groom by putting their dog on the cake.”
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The clip opens showing the groom dressed in his black tuxedo, entering a tent, asking, “What’s going on?” From a few steps away he notices a pristine white cake kept on the table and chuckled, “Aw you have put Missy on the cake!” Then he approaches the cake, adorned with pearls made with the fondant. The three-layered cake featured just the face of their pet dog, made with beige fondant. The groom was seen touching Missy’s face on the cake, saying, “Hey monkey!” The caption along with the clip read, “The cutest surprise from the bride to her groom.”

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In no time, the video was flooded with countless reactions. The internet is in awe to see the groom’s reaction after discovering his dog’s tiny replica on the cake. Several users pointed out how instantly the groom switched on his pet parent mode after seeing the replica, as a comment read, “His personality changed when he noticed his dog! He really sounded like he was worried that something had happened and then went into dog dad mode!”

Another said, “His joy is incredible, wow what emotion he will not be able to sleep from the emotion”.
Many users lauded the cake, “Love the cake.”
A user said, “Omg when he strokes her!!!”
“Love the dog on the cake,” another user commented.
One person commented, “He put his hand out as if he expected her to sniff it”.
Some said that it is an amazing thing they saw on the internet today. “That is the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a long time… good job!!!”

So far the video has been played around 3 million times.
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