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Watch: Latest Eggs-periment On The Block: Milk Egg. Internet Calls It “Sweet Poison”

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Eggs are an absolute kitchen staple. They are cherished by many for making various dishes. From classic boiled eggs and morning omelettes to hearty egg salads and delectable egg curries, eggs are a cherished ingredient for meals throughout the day. However, in the world of ever-evolving food experiments, not even the humble egg is exempted from being transformed in bizarre ways. We have all witnessed the internet showcasing some rather peculiar concoctions – think egg pani puri, chips omelettes, and even vegetarian eggs. But now, brace yourselves for the latest unconventional creation — milk omelette. Yes, you read that correctly. After watching this peculiar culinary invention, the internet is abuzz with unfiltered opinions and reactions.
In the video, a man approaches a street vendor who specializes in custom omelettes, prepared according to the customer’s wishes. Here, the man makes a unique request for a milk omelette. The vendor proceeds by heating butter in a pan to create a half-fry egg base, using four eggs. He then adds milk to the pan, followed by a medley of ingredients — chopped onions, salt, red chilli powder, and a special blend of spices passed down from his father. Once the omelette is expertly cooked, it is served on a plate, accompanied by toasted bread.
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Take a look at the video:

The video has garnered a total of 382k views, and egg enthusiasts have been quite vocal in expressing their strong disapproval of this dish. 
A user wrote, “Sweet poison ready to serve.” 
Another user added, “Next experiment should be half fry with harpic.”
Someone said, “Bhaiya I kg diarrhoea and thoda sa heart attack dena [ Bro pack 1 kg diarrhoea with some heart attack]”
A person requested, “Bhai mayonnaise ka omelette bana doge [Will you make omelette using mayonnaise?]”
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