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Watch: This Fuss-Free Golgappa Recipe Received Over 21 Million Views On Instagram

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Golgappas, also known as pani puri, pani ke patashe, fulki, and puchka, are a beloved street food that has captured the hearts of people across India. Regardless of the name you use, the irresistible taste of golgappas is a universal delight. While the experience of enjoying these bite-sized wonders on a bustling street corner is unmatched, have you ever contemplated making them at home? It might sound like a daunting task, but fear not, for there is a video making waves on Instagram featuring an Indian chef who guides you through the process of making golgappas in the comfort of your kitchen. The video has garnered millions of views, and food enthusiasts are loving it.
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The chef’s golgappa-making adventure begins with suji, which he pours hot oil over. He stirs it diligently with a spoon until it warms up. Gradually adding water, he crafts a soft dough. With the dough in hand, he makes small balls and expertly flattens them into an oval shape using a rolling pin. These flattened creations take a dip in medium-hot oil until they turn golden on one side and light golden on the other. With the golgappas now perfectly fried, the chef carves a small opening in each puri, stuffs them with aloo masala, and positions them atop shot glasses filled with pani. And there you have it – a plate of delectable homemade golgappas ready to be savoured and enjoyed. Take a look at the video:

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In just two days, the video has skyrocketed to 21.9 million views, capturing the attention of viewers far and wide. The comment section was brimming with love and appreciation for the golgappa recipe. A person wrote, “Looks yummy.” Another one added, “Yummy dikh raha hai [looks yummy].” One user requested, “Aatte wale gol gappe bhi bata do [please share the wheat golgappa recipe as well].” An Instagrammer asked, “Pani ki recipe bhi do [please share the recipe of pani].

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