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Watch: UK-Based Chef Prepares Sindhi Aloo Tuk, Internet Applauds

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If you have never tried Sindhi food, you are definitely missing out. Sindhi cuisine has several finger-licking dishes, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Wondering what has got us talking about this cuisine today? It is a video currently taking the internet by storm. UK-based food vlogger and cook Jake Dryan recently shared an Instagram reel showing his efforts to prepare a delectable Sindhi treat known as Aloo Tuk. Jake, who is popular for his Indian food cooking videos, has also stated that this is one of his “favourite recipes from Sindhi week.”
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He begins the video by soaking peeled potatoes in water for some time. He chops all the potatoes in equal halves and then deep-fries them until they turned golden from the outside and were properly cooked from the inside. After properly straining out the oil, he uses the back of the mug to flatten the fired potatoes. Once they are all flat like unevenly shaped aloo tikki, Jake puts the potatoes back in the oil to fry them for the second time. In this way, he manages to get that perfect golden brown crispy coating, without even dipping the potato in any slurry. After the potatoes are ready, the next step is to prepare the masala. For this, Jake mixes turmeric, chilli powder, ground cumin, ground coriander, garam masala, amchur powder, dried red chilli and salt. He then combined the fried potatoes with the masala. He was seen tasting it after garnishing the aloo tuk with chopped coriander leaves and lemon. Watch the full video below:

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The video has received 2.4 million views so far. Many Instagram users expressed appreciation for Jake’s skills. Check out some of the reactions below:

A user said, “Bhai ye itna alag alag aur sahi India khana banata hai…mai ne itne saal se India mein reh ke bhi nahi khaya. (He cooks such diverse and great Indian dishes… even after living in India for  many years, I’ve not tasted some of them.)”
“One of the absolute best,” said another.

Many Sindhis also acknowledged the post, and some have stated that they completely “approve” of Jake’s creation: “Being a Sindhi, I wholeheartedly approve.”
Another comment read, “Gonna make this, looks too good.”
A user said, “As a Sindhi, this is our all-time favourite dish. Thank you for featuring it on your grid and nailing it perfectly.”
A third wrote, “Being a Sindhi I can say. You have cooked it in the most authentic way .”
“As a Sindhi, I am so proud of you… You are incredible!” said another user.

A few started recommending dishes that he should try out next, as a user said, “Jake, trust me you need to try dal pakwan & button papdi!”

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