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YouTube really doesn’t want me to upload this one but I’m gonna do it anyway

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By earmpy

49 thoughts on “What the HELL is The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat? (YouTube made me censor everything again)”
  1. I think making Hitler gay as a joke is actually great because he would hate it and thats enough for me to approve 😂
    I know using gay as the punchline is fucked up, but when its applied to Hitler i just imagine him blowing a casket about it and thats hilarious.

  2. Semi unrelated but what event happened to your “how I would fix it” section of your videos? I’ve been watching some of you’re older videos and you’d typically break it down to your five points, later adding how you’d fix what you where reviewing.

  3. I dont even think I need to feel so much of wanting to kill a fellow neko like I want to seriously murder also for you jerks out there

    Furry by definition:an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar

  4. Advertising Dr. Squatch is walking on a slippery slope. 1. Dr. Squatch love to push the "other soaps use chemicals" propaganda. Everything has chemicals our drinking water has chemicals, our toothpaste has chemicals, your last night dinner has chemicals and there's nothing wrong with that. 2. YouTubers have no quality control over the products they advertise and are only repeating a script that is handed to them. Dr. Squatch is the perfect example to show that YouTubers are the new wave of white washing marketing. I believe we as a community should talk about this and the segment beginning at 14:00 is prime evidence of what I'm talking about.

  5. Hey you should check out make a mini video on Fraidy Cat, it’s a fun obscure mini cartoon from the 70s. I think is right up your alley.

  6. You know, YouTube "making you censor everything" isn't something you boast about. It's not something you advertise in the title. You should be embarrassed about it, in fact. You shouldn't use it for views.

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