After Angela’s grandparents passed away, her family searched for the best home for the cat they had for 15 years. Angela just knew she had to take Mackenzie in, even though Mackenzie was feisty and grumpy all the time. She showered her with love, and one day, decided to start taking her out for adventures to see if Mackenzie would react a certain way. Now, that’s how the two bond ❤️

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By earmpy

21 thoughts on “Woman Adopts Grandparents' Grumpy Cat | The Dodo Cat Crazy”
  1. Sounds like my cat King. I'll put him on my bed and he's growling the whole time until he falls asleep! Whiniest cat

  2. Mackenzie, we have discussed it at length that we cannot drive if you sit on my leg because it is not save.
    Thank you for giving him a wonderful life 💝

  3. You have a heart of gold, Angela, and YES, I totally believe that your grandparents are lovingly and joyfully watching over you two girls!! 😍😻❤️❤️ A note to all fellow cat-lovers: all parts of an onion are highly toxic to cats – let them play with an apple instead!! ❤️

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