Woman rescues a very angry, growly feral kitten — and spends weeks carrying her around 24/7 to earn her love😻

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By earmpy

42 thoughts on “Woman Rescues A Very Angry, Growly Feral Kitten And Earns Her Love | The Dodo Cat Crazy”
  1. You have no idea what watching this video has just done to me. Mentally struggling with all the evil and then you see human goodness like this. Just shows never give up too soon on spinal injuries or leg injuries in animals like this. Awesome. X

  2. Thank you kind lady for not giving up on this sweet little angel. I read once " The highest reward for an act of kindness is not what you get for doing it, but what you become for doing it "

  3. What a heartwarming story. It made me cry when she stood to eat. God bless you! My daughter brought a feral kitten home when my granddaughters were 3 & 5. He was black with white markings. My oldest granddaughter wanted to name him and asked her mom for ideas. She told her to think about the night sky and my granddaughter said "Atmosphere!" LOL
    When they took him to the vet to have him neutered the vet was concerned with his heartbeat and took an x-ray. He told my daughter to take him to a heart specialist, so we drove to Philly (from south central PA). The vet there did an ultrasound and said it was a miracle that he was alive, as his heart looked like a broken egg yolk. He said to take him home and love him, which they did. Atmosphere was a great cat and slept next to my daughter. He was fun and loved to lay next to their Lab. One day, just as I was leaving their house, I heard my oldest granddaughter scream "Nana!" So I went back and there was Atmosphere, dead on the couch. It was sad but thankfully he didn't suffer at all. ❤

  4. Did anyone ever figure out why her legs were that way?🤔 In any case you ladies gave her love, trust and hope. She definitely would not have survived. You are one of few angels God has blessed us with. I have taken in a few needy souls also. There is a bond formed like no other. My prayers for a long healthy and happy life for all of you.😘🐈

  5. I’m not crying your crying! You absolutely marvellous human being for doing this! If only PETA didn’t murder every animal they come into contact with and focused on the individual.

  6. People amaze me sometimes. They go out of their way to care for other creatures. It's like our maternal/paternal instincts extend to just about anything.

  7. I’m so grateful y’all rescued her & didn’t give up on her! I’m glad she regained the use of her legs & tamed down. Thank you for helping her🐈🐾❤️

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