PJ is the youngest cat in our garden and this was his funny reaction to the first snow ever in his life! Seeing, touching and discovering snow for the first time ever! PJ is a cute, curious and smart kitten!

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By earmpy

34 thoughts on “Young Cat's Reaction to the First Snow !!”
  1. Hi everyone. I wanted to upload the first snow experience of PJ as a separate video so I hope you enjoyed it!
    And as I mentioned in our previous video, these footages are from February 2021.
    And one last thing; I was going to put a cat flap on the door of the indoor room for winter but then I decided not to do it and kept leaving the door just a little bit open for the whole winter because some of our cats (like D'Artagnan and Porthos) want to be able to leave the room quickly when they need to and if I had installed a cat flap on the door, they wouldn't have used the indoor room that much during the winter so I didn't want to risk that. Also, even though the door was a little bit open, the indoor room was really warm all the time. We were really surprised to see that the heated floors were this much effective. So overall, they had a warm winter 🙂 And now we are almost in summer so they spend most of the days outside.
    Take care!

    Merhabalar. PJ'in karla ilk tanışmasını ayrı bir video olarak yüklemek istedim, umarım beğenmişsinizdir.
    Ayrıca önceki videoda da belirttiğim gibi, bu görüntüler Şubat 2021'e ait.
    Bu arada kış öncesi kedilerin odasının kapısına kedi kapısı taktıracaktım ama sonradan vazgeçtim ve kapıyı kış boyu hafif aralık bırakmaya devam ettim. Çünkü kedilerimizden bazıları (Dartiş ve Portos gibi) gerektiğinde odayı hızlı bir şekilde terk edebilmek istiyorlar. Eğer kedi kapısı taktırsaydım ve asıl kapıyı kapalı tutsaydım, kışın odayı bu kadar çok kullanmazlardı; bunu riske atmak istemedim. Ayrıca kapı hafif aralıkken bile odanın içi gerçekten her daim sıcak oluyordu. Yerden ısıtmanın bu kadar etkili olmasına biz de şaşırdık. Yani özetle sıcak bir kış geçirdiler. Zaten şimdi de yaza girmek üzere olduğumuz için çoğunlukla bahçede takılıyorlar.
    Kendinize iyi bakın!

  2. I was so shocked to see that your Princess is the same type of cat as mine and my cat’s name is Princess. I’ve had her for 14 years.

  3. He is adorable!!!!!!! I love his personality. All of them actually. They are too funny and cute. I like your set up for them with their beds.

  4. Watched again. So much fun and laughter you give us in your videos. PJ is sooooo cute. I miss Indy though. Much love to you all. 😂🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈❤

  5. 💕… beautiful scenes.. I am smiling when PJ😘 & kitties😘 are running & playing in snow💞..PJ's😚 eagerness about snow is interesting… Blessings🎍.

  6. Its Yah…..in walters heart……if we only would stop in the world at pointing fingers and stop focusing on negative and look at what The Most High Sees when we look at each other…..then we all be the better eh??!! I see marvelous works of Him in us All….for He fastened in each of us something like Him…..we All are His. I…..myself…i found im like a moseque…..you name it….and its in my heritage….and long ago either. Thank -you Walter….Sir….for showing your compassion….it has brought much joy!!

  7. Love it love it love it seeing the kits frolicking in the snow like kids. Seeing the race across the yard. U are so lucky having cool playful cats that don't fight all the time. They no what to expect and wait their turn. I noticed their fur coats were much thicker- and beautiful to see.
    Sounds like u have 4 seasons. Where I live there has been some nice weather – then it changes to 15 degrees cooler and raining. Quite tired of this menopausal weather.
    Great video. hope u are well.

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