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5 Of The Best Street Foods You Have Got To Try From South Korea

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Planning to go to South Korea? We bet you are already working on your itinerary on places to visit, shopping to do and foods to eat. Well, coming to our favourite topic, food, apart from the amazing cafes and restaurants, you have got to try famous street food dishes from South Korea. Here, we have curated a list of some of the best street foods out there — including all things sweet and savoury. Further, if you cannot go to South Korea, you still may be able to find these foods served in Korean cafes around where you live. Let’s check out these street snacks!

Here Are 5 Of The Most Delicious Korean Street Foods:

1. Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes)

These are super chewy rice cakes that are served in a spicy bright red-orange sauce. This sauce is prepared by mixing water, soy sauce, sugar, red chilli flakes and gochujang (a paste made from fermented soybeans and red chillies). Tteokbokki is a widely enjoyed street snack, especially in the evenings when people from work, school or friends, in general, gather to socialize. You can also make this snack at your home. Click here for the recipe.

2. Gimbap (Rice And Nori Rolls)

Gimbap can be seen as a Korean twist to Japanese sushi. What sets them apart mostly is that gimbap is wrapped with dried seaweed (gim). The rice is called ‘bap’ and hence becomes the dish’s name – gimbap. The seaweed and rice are flavoured with sesame oil and the rolls are stuffed with lots of fillings such as canned tuna, beef, spinach, carrot, pickled radish, and egg. Street stalls often serve smaller gimbap rolls with bite-sized slices.

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3. Mandu (Dumplings)

These are dumplings, one of the most popular street snacks in South Korea. These can be fried, steamed or boiled. One of the most popular street snack dumplings is kimchi mandu, which is filled with green onion, ground pork and spicy kimchi. Another popular dumpling is Kogi mandu, which is stuffed with gingery ground pork and green onions. Dumplings are served with soy sauce and vinegar for dipping.

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4. Bungeoppang (Red Bean Waffles)

Korean street food doesn’t consist of just spicy snacks. There are lots of sweet varieties too. One such snack especially popular among children is Bungeoppang, fish-shaped sweet waffles sold on the streets. These are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. These cakes are usually stuffed with a hot sweet red bean paste. Now there are also many variations available for fillings, such as cream or Nutella. Want to make Bungeoppang at home? Click here for the recipe.

5. Dalgona (Korean Sponge Candy)

If you are not from South Korea but are a fan of K-Drama, then your memory of this street snack may stem from the show ‘Squid Games’. Yes, this is that golden-coloured light candy in the shapes of a star, circle, square, heart and fish. It is made by melting sugar with a bit of baking soda. This is a popular street snack in South Korea. Many vendors also offer free candy if you can eat one around the pattern without cracking it.

Which of these Korean street foods do you like the best? Tell us in the comments.

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