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5 Signs You May Be Brilliant At Everything But Are A Terrible Cook

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Let’s face it, not everyone can do everything. Cooking is a life skill that everyone should know, but that does not mean everyone can master it. Some of us are just terrible cooks, and maybe we can make better use of our time than pulling out blackened cookies from the oven after an hour of “baking”. As a terrible cook myself, here are some funny and pitiful situations or feelings that only my fellow terrible cooks can relate to. Take a look at these situations as I throw away these charcoal-flavoured cookies in the trash.

5 Funny And Terrible Cooking Situations Only Bad Cooks Can Relate To:

1. Round Rotis Are Tougher Than Climbing A Mountain

You may have aced that geometry test in 10th grade, but you cannot figure out how to make round rotis. Mathematicians may get confused seeing the shape of your rotis. What’s more, all of them look different.

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2. Your Family Is Speechless After Eating The Food You Cooked

If your family members are kind, you receive fake smiles and consolation after they eat the food you have prepared. After the day you cook, you will be pampered with food served on a plate, prepared by anyone else but you.

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3. Your Gut Feeling While Cooking Is Snoozing

When life hits you with challenges, you always rely on your gut feeling. There is a voice inside that tells you what the right thing to do is. However, every time you step into the kitchen, your gut feeling goes for a nap. You have no idea what to do, when to do or why do to while cooking.

4. You Cook While Standing 100m Away From The Stove

I don’t understand how people cook without a panic alarm ringing in their heads. There is fire on the stove, all surfaces are extremely hot and if you have to fry something, the hot oil is nothing less than a monster. As a result, bad cooks like me work in the kitchen while standing as far as possible from the stove.

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5. The Only Thing You Can Bring At A Potluck Are Napkins

The only cooking you can show off is probably your mother’s food. If there is a potluck where everybody has to bring something they cooked themselves, you will probably be absent or come bearing napkin packets. If you still have some hope, perhaps try your luck by making a simple nacho chaat (works like a charm). All the best!

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