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Arhaan Khan’s Unexpected Mother’s Day Message To Malaika Arora: “Sold Your Clothes”

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Image instagrammed by Arhaan Khan. (courtesy: ArhaanKhan)

New Delhi:

Arhaan Khan’s latest Instagram post demands your full attention. The star kid has shared a screenshot of a LOL WhatsApp message exchange between him and his mother, Malaika Arora on Instagram. It all started with Arhaan wishing Malaika a Happy Mother’s Day. After saying “thank you”, Malaika asks, “What you got me?” Well, the banter begins. Arhaan replies, “I sold your clothes,” followed by a red heart and a “love you” text. Mailaka, in her signature style, replies, “Use the money to buy me something.” Can you guess Arhaan’s comeback? “I will buy you something with the money I got selling your clothes,” he says. Clearly, the mother-son duo shares a similar wavelength. “Great minds think alike,” reads the last message by Arhaan.

Take a look:

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Arhaan Khan has also shared a throwback memory from his childhood album to celebrate Malaika Arora on the special day. In the picture, Malaika is seen looking at little Arhaan. He has also attached a red heart to the photo on Instagram Stories. 

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Arhaan Khan is Malaika Arora’s son with ex-husband, actor Arbaaz Khan. The two got divorced in 2017.

Last month, while appearing as a guest on Arhaan Khan’s talk show Dumb Biryani, Malaika Arora talked about how Arhaan’s “mannerisms” are just like his father, Arbaaz Khan. It began when Arhaan casually asked, “What are the traits I have from my dad that you like and dislike?” To this, Malaika responded, “Your mannerisms are just like him…just like him. It is shocking how similar (the two are). Even the way you do all of these things (while gesturing—scratching ear and head).”

“The way you twitch. All your mannerisms are just like your dad’s. Everything. They are not very attractive mannerisms. But they are just like your dad. You are very… your dad has the same traits, which is… he is a very fair and just person, in the sense that he is able to… he never goes overboard about things. He is very clear about certain things and that trait you have,” Malaika Arora added.

During the same conversation, Arhaan Khan also asked Malaika Arora about her marriage plans. Click here for details.

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