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Bhagyashree Shares Delicious Moments From Her Snack Escapades

Bhagyashree’s love for food is evident on her Instagram feed. From enjoyable food dates with her husband to promoting the health benefits of greens, her culinary journey is a delightful treat. If you are curious about her most recent adventure, a quick look through her Instagram Stories will keep you in the loop. The diva enjoyed a sizzling plate of fried cheese and jalapenos, setting the stage for an exploration of flavours. Next, she completed her super amazing dining experience with a brownie platter loaded with a generous scoop of ice cream. Now, that’s what we call a perfect sweet ending to the dining escapade. 

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Bhagyashree posted a picture of Fried Cheese and Jalapenos on her Instagram story.
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Bhagyashree posted a picture of Brownie and Icecream on her Instagram story.

Bhagyashree posted a picture of Brownie and Icecream on her Instagram story.
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Moving on, Bhagyashree introduced us to tandoori tea. In a clip, shared a few days ago, the actress is seen talking to a vendor who is taking out a kulhad from tandoor. The process, involving repeated dipping, created a tea infused with earthy flavours. Bhagyashree savoured the unique beverage and encouraged chai lovers to give it a try. “Tandoori Chai! A novelty in Udaipur. Adrak waali chai brought nicely to a boil and then dipped into a kullad… taken straight out of the tandoor.. to infuse the aroma of the baked mitti….a flavor with a twist! Chai lovers…. Taste karke toh dekho! [taste it yourself].” Read the full story here.

Not too long ago, Bhagyashree, accompanied by her husband Himalaya Dassani and their daughter Avantika Dassani, stepped out for dinner. Bhagyashree documented the experience on her Instagram Stories and happily shared it with her fans. The tempting plates carried enoki and portobello ceviche, asparagus robatayaki, truffled baked potatoes, and house focaccia. For the complete story, click here.

If you are a food enthusiast, Bhagyashree’s posts are just for you.


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