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“Call The Police”: This Red Bull Maggi Is Getting A Thumbs Down From Foodies

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Maggi noodles are known as one of the best quick hunger fixes. Whether it’s vegetable, cheese, plain, or soupy, everyone has their go-to way of enjoying these instant noodles. In today’s world of culinary experiments, even the humble Maggi hasn’t been left untouched. From Fanta Maggi to dahi Maggi, whisky Maggi, and even coffee Maggi, we have witnessed various creative fusions with this classic dish. Here comes a new experiment involving making Maggi in Red Bull. After watching the video, OG Maggi lovers expressed their disapproval in the comments section.

The video starts with a vendor pouring two cans of Red Bull into a heated pan followed by butter. She then puts chopped onions and cabbage into the pan, along with Maggi magic masala. Finally, Maggi noodles are added. Once everything is cooked, the vendor plates the dish. “Redbull Wali Maggie Khana Chaho Ge? [Want to eat Redbull Maggi?]” read the caption of the video.

Even though the video clocked 1.4 million views, many people criticised this Red Bull Maggi in the comment section.

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A user wrote, “Death crying in the corner.”

Another one added, “Somebody call the police and health department.”

“Don’t try this stunt at home,” read a comment.

A person commented, “Warm acid drinks are more dangerous than drugs.”

Someone else said, “She prepared cancer in 5 minutes.”  

“Gives you wings (cross emoji) Gives you death (tick emoji),” read a sarcastic comment.

A few echoed, “Kya kya dekhna pad rha [What all do I need to see?]”

Will you ever try to cook this Red Bull Maggi in your kitchen?

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