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Dont Throw Away Those Coconut Shells! 5 Surprisingly Ways To Reuse Them At Home

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A sustainable lifestyle involves following social behaviours and lifestyle choices that minimize environmental degradation. This concept has given birth to a new perspective of looking at waste management. As we work in the kitchen, we are bound to produce biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste daily. However, with a sustainable lifestyle, you can find new and creative ways to reduce waste. These need not be boring; instead, they can transform into creative and fun activities. Here are some fun ways to use coconut shells instead of throwing them away in the trash. These will beautify your decor whether you use them indoors or outdoors. Let’s take a look at what can be made out of coconut shells.
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Here Are 5 Interesting Ways To Use Coconut Shells:

1. Plant Pot: 

This is a beautiful idea, perfect for those with a green thumb. Instead of discarding the coconut shells in the trash, use them in your home garden as pots for small-sized plants. You can use these earthy-vibe natural shells instead of plastic ones for planting your microgreens.

2. Bird Feeder: 

Attract more birds to your balcony or terrace with this eco-friendly and natural coconut bird feeder. Hang it at a point which is accessible to the birds. Fill the coconut shell with a mixture of lard, bird seeds, and other foods birds can feed on.

Make a beautiful bird feeder using coconut shells. Photo Credit: iStock

3. Snack Bowl: 

Many people buy expensive coconut shell bowls from the market. You can make one at home by getting the shell cleaned up and polished. Prefer putting dry snacks in the bowl, such as banana chips, nuts, and popcorn. If you want to make it a waterproof bowl, then you will need to finish it with a coating of linseed oil and mineral spirits.

4. Candle Holder: 

An ordinary-looking coconut shell can be transformed into a beautiful candle holder. Using a water bath, melt two white candles inside a tin. Take a circular tin sheet and make a small hole in the centre. Pass through the wick and make a knot on one end. Place this tin sheet at the bottom of the coconut shell. Hold the wick upright by tying it to a pencil that can be placed on top of the shell. Pour in the melted wax, ensuring the top of the wick is not immersed. Let it solidify. Your coconut candle is ready!
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5. Dresser Organiser: 

These small coconut shells can be your cool dresser organizers. Use these for separating your earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. You can also use the coconut shell for only storing jewellery with beachy vibes.

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