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Elderly Woman’s Traditional Banana Ripening Technique Gains Attention Online

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Comments highlight the rarity of such natural practices in urban areas.

A recently surfaced video on Instagram has sparked debate online. The video features an elderly South Indian woman demonstrating a traditional method for ripening bananas without chemicals.

While ripe bananas are readily available and a staple in many markets, concerns about chemical ripening agents are not uncommon. This video offers an alternative approach, raising questions about practicality and commercial viability.

The video was shared with a caption that read, “Banana Ripening Process, Primitive Method.”

Watch the video here:

The technique involves burying raw bananas in a pit lined with dry banana leaves. Coals are then placed inside the pit to generate smoke. Finally, the pit is covered with soil and left for two days.

According to the video, the bananas emerge fully ripe and ready for consumption. The woman in the video even demonstrates eating the ripened bananas.

The method, though seemingly effective, raises questions about scalability and practicality for large-scale commercial use. Nevertheless, it highlights a traditional practice that some may find interesting and potentially useful.

The video has sparked a debate about the process of ripping bananas or any other fruit. Several people shared their views in the comment section.

“I wonder why they don’t just let them ripen on the tree. Is it just to speed up the process? I love how, at her age, she is so active,” commented a user.

“Now such a natural banana is not available in Big City,” wrote another user.

“This is a very efficient method for ripening fruits. The smoke is used for ethylene as it ripens the fruit,” commented a third user.

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