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“Fascinating!” Zomato Delivery Agent In Wheelchair Goes Viral. CEO Deepinder Goyal Shares Photo

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In the fast-paced world of food delivery dominated by bikes and scooters, Zomato has made its mark as an innovative player. Recently, a Zomato delivery agent caught everyone’s attention by ditching the conventional wheels for a modified wheelchair that resembled a motorbike. The photo, shared by user Naraayan Kannan shows a delivery agent happily posing in his unique wheelchair. Kannan, expressing his admiration, called it the “best thing he’s seen in a long time” and applauded Zomato for this inclusive move. He wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “Dear @zomato & @deepigoyal, More of this please.  Best thing I’ve seen in a very long time from your company. Despite the errant drivers who have made life hell on the roads, this is a special moment. This is as inclusive as it gets. His story is fascinating.” “Bravo!” he praised.

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Zomato’s CEO, Deepinder Goyal, noticed and shared the image on his official X profile. This only brought more attention to the delivery agent’s inspiring story. Just a few days ago, yet another heartwarming video of a Zomato delivery agent went viral, and this time, it involved his two adorable kids. In the video, the delivery guy is seen handing over an order, holding one of his kids in his arms. Meanwhile, another little one is happily playing around in the background. When asked if the children were his, the delivery guy confirmed they were indeed his children and shared that he has to bring them along while he works. Read more.

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Zomato also recently took a step to care for its delivery staff by setting up public resting points. These spots offer a break for delivery persons from their tiring schedules and provide useful amenities like internet access, washrooms, and phone-charging stations. These resting points are part of Zomato’s initiative called “The Shelter Project,” as shared in a tweet by Zomato’s CEO, Deepinder Goyal. In a tweet, Goyal shared a picture capturing Zomato and Swiggy delivery agents sitting, eating, and taking breaks at one of these resting spots. Read the full story here.

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