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How does warm water improve digestive performance?

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Health and fitness experts always recommend drinking warm water due to its myriad benefits.

According to the doctors, warm water aids in breaking down and digesting food faster than cold water, reducing the risk of diarrhoea.

– Improves blood circulation and muscle relaxation –

Warm water expands blood vessels, enhancing blood circulation. It also helps muscles relax and reduces pain. If you’re experiencing muscle soreness, opt for warm water.

– Aids Weight Loss –

A 2003 study suggests that warm water increases weight loss. Drinking 500 mL of warm water before each meal boosts metabolism by 30 per cent.

– Fighting Infections and Sinus Issues –

Warm water combats flu and colds while significantly alleviating sinus problems.

– Enhances Digestive Health –

Warm water improves digestive performance, facilitating digestion. It’s advisable to consume it before and after meals, throughout the year, whether in summer or winter.

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