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“If your WAG’s tall and slim with long brown hair, you’d better watch out”

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Ryan Giggs’s aunt, Joanna Wilson, wrote a poem to Wales’ footballers after the former Manchester United boss was appointed coach of his country. In the poem, Wilson warned Welsh footballers to lock up their WAGs, disclosing that the former midfielder had a thing for brunette women.

Joanna, who is the sister of Giggs’ father Danny, revealed that she penned a poem to warn the Welsh dressing room about their new coach’s love for the ladies. The retired teacher has not yet forgiven the former United no. 11 for having an eight-year affair with his brother Rhodri’s wife, Natasha. Commenting on the Manchester United legend’s character, she said (via The Sun):

“He’s been a dirty dog for years.”

Joanna sent the poem to the Wales dressing room, including former Real Madrid superstar Gareth Bale, after Giggs was appointed coach in 2018. It read:

“If your WAG’s tall and slim with long brown hair, you’d better watch out, you’d better beware.

“Giggsy’s got the top job, it’s not just hype, so lock up your WAG, she’s just his type.”

Joanna said that even one player seconded her poem:

“The team already knew. He’s had the reputation as a love cheat for ages. One player got back to say, ‘You’re right’.

“There are no boundaries with chasing girls for him. He can’t help himself.”

Assault case on Ryan Giggs collapsed this week

Kate Greville, one of the Manchester United icon’s former partners, accused him of assaulting her (and her sister) and being unfaithful. The Welsh legend claimed that he neither assaulted Kate nor her little sister Emma. He, however, admitted to being unfaithful, revealing that he could not resist women.

The jury in the trial of Ryan Giggs has been discharged after failing to reach verdicts on whether he attacked and controlled his ex-girlfriend and assaulted her sister. https://t.co/jEyY1fKrPr

While it was a shocking revelation, it did not help Kate’s case, as she saw her alleged assaulter walk away scot-free. The jury in the assault trial failed to reach verdicts on allegations that he assaulted Kate and coerced/controlled her for more than three years. Judge Hilary Manley clarified that the former wide midfielder was on trial for assault and not for being unfaithful.

The 48-year-old will find out this week whether or not he faces a retrial.

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