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Islamabad to roll out E-Stamp papers for smooth property transactions

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ISLAMABAD – The administration of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad will introduce e-stamp paper soon to streamline property transactions.

The e-stamp papers will help capital residents to have smooth transactions. The decision was made in a meeting led by Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon, representatives from Punjab Bank who discussed implementation of e-stamping in metropolis.

The meeting included detailed presentations and demonstrations on e-stamping’s operational framework, security features, and integration with existing systems.

DC stressed the need for smooth implementation, and further called for training programs and awareness campaigns to educate masses.

E-stamp papers were highlighted for their enhanced security through barcode technology, reducing the risk of fraud. The move to e-stamping is expected to simplify property transactions and legal documentation, reducing paperwork.

He further mentioned administration’s commitment to using technology to improve public services, stating that infrastructure and resources will be provided for the successful rollout of e-stamp papers in Islamabad.


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