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Khunjerab Pass reopens for Pakistan-China trade after winter break

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GILGIT – Khunjerab Pass, a key trade route has been reopened after four months of winter break, with over a dozen trucks carrying goods from China entering Pakistan marking the resumption of the new trade season.

The trade activities between Iron brothers started on Monday after four months as the border, linking Gilgit Baltistan to China’s Xinjiang region, witnessed extreme cold in winter. 

A ceremony was organized to mark the start of the new trade season. AJ International Cargo CEO along with local politicians welcomed the trade convoys from Xinjiang. Businessmen from Gilgit-Baltistan were present on this occasion.

On the inaugural day, 15 containers carrying commercial goods arrived in Pakistan.

Before the closure, over 400 containers entered Pakistan through this high altitude trade in six-month period, which raked in Rs5.45 billion in customs revenue.

The trade resumption also created job opportunities for locals, as noted by former Gilgit Assembly member Javed Hussain, who urged the federal government to keep the pass open year-round for commercial traffic.

Islamabad and Beijing are a strong bilateral partners, with China being a significant investor in Pakistan. China also invested billions in Pakistan under flagship project of the Belt and Road Initiative.


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