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Maharashtrian Lal Bhoplyacha Bharit Can Be Your Perfect Raita For Every Meal

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Here is a healthy and delicious vegetable raita prepared in almost every Maharashtrian home. The raita is called Lal Bhopla Bharit or red pumpkin raita, prepared by steaming this vegetable and then combining it with yoghurt, followed by a tempering prepared using aromatic and flavourful spices. The raita gets a sweet taste from the pumpkin and a light spicy kick from the tempering. It can be paired well with roti, pulao and biryani for both lunch and dinner. This traditional Maharashtrian dish is often served at weddings and religious functions. Since pumpkin is often consumed by people who are fasting, such as observing the Navratri fast, this recipe can also be a healthy and delicious addition to your fasting diet.
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What Is Red Pumpkin?

Red pumpkin is a variety of winter squash. The variety of red pumpkins commonly available in India has a thick green skin from the outside and red/orange tinted pumpkin flesh inside. The red colour is more intense if the pumpkin is ripe. It is called ‘Lal Bhopla‘ in Marathi and ‘Kaddu‘ in Hindi.

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Health Benefits Of Red Pumpkin | Why You Must Eat Red Pumpkin

Regularly including pumpkin in your diet can be good for your overall health. According to the Cleveland Clinic, pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, which is great for eyesight and immunity. High potassium and vitamin C in the pumpkin are healthy for your heart. Let’s learn how to make Maharashtrian-style Red pumpkin raita.
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Lal Bhoplyacha Bharit (Red Pumpkin Raita) Recipe | How To Make Lal Bhoplyacha Bharit (Red Pumpkin Raita)

This is a super simple and quick recipe. First, you need to take the red pumpkin, chop it into cubes and boil them. You can also pressure cook them or roast the pumpkin in an oven or microwave. Once soft and cooled down, mash the pumpkin and mix it with beaten curd. Some people also mix in fresh shredded coconut. Add some spices and a tempering of oil or ghee, with curry leaves, mustard seeds and asafoetida. Garnish with crushed roasted groundnuts to add a crunchy texture, along with coriander leaves. You can consume it straight away or refrigerate it for a while and serve chilled. Click here for a full step-by-step recipe.

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