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Neena Gupta Indulges In Lip-Smacking Chaat And Leaves Us Drooling!

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Neena Gupta is a true foodie at heart. She often gives us glimpses of her culinary adventures on Instagram. She doesn’t just share what she eats for breakfast or weekend binges. She sometimes shares recipes as well. Her recent Instagram update was all about enjoying food in the open air. She posted a short clip showcasing a variety of food items in an outdoor setting. The different live counters seemed to have enticed Neena Gupta to try not just one or two, but more yummy treats on offer.

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In the clip, Neena is seen relishing what looks to be pani puri/ gol gappa. She says that she is eating this after having pongal. She also calls someone else to join her “chaat party”. She asks the person shooting the video to show the other offerings of the chaat counter. She points out that one can also savour tikki and dosa. We spotted a pav bhaji counter too. Like Neena, we would be pleased to discover so many scrumptious options! Take a look at screengrabs from the video below:

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As mentioned earlier, Neena Gupta often gives her followers a sneak peek into some of her meals, especially breakfast. It seems that she has a special liking for wholesome parathas. She doesn’t just have classics like mooli paratha. She recently also had a healthy moringa paratha. Check out the full story here.

Before this, Neena Gupta once shared her method for making paneer at home. She takes viewers through most of the steps, and explains the logic behind some of them. She was in Australia when she posted the video. Read the full story here.

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