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Rubina Dilaiks Sunday Binge Included “Maa Ke Haath Ka” Gajar Halwa

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The experience of the winter season is incomplete until you binge on homemade gajar halwa. Well, we don’t know about you, but TV star Rubina Dilaik agrees with us. The actress, who has been motivating her fans with her physical transformation journey, enjoyed a cheat day on Sunday. Rubina gorged on a bowl full of gajar halwa, prepared by her mother. She dropped a boomerang on her Instagram Stories, giving a glimpse of the decadent dessert. TBH, it appeared finger-licking good. The short clip shows us a half-eaten bowl of gajar halwa prepared with generously chopped almonds, cashews and pistachios. Sharing the picture, Rubina Dilaik wrote, “Maa ke haath ka gaajar halwa,” and ended with a red heart emoticon.

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Rubina Dilaik’s husband Abhinav Shukla is someone who always impresses us with his culinary skills. It turns out that on Sunday, Abhinav donned the chef’s hat. Wondering what he prepared? Drool-worthy burgers. Rubina shared a glimpse of the same on her Instagram Stories. We could see a tray carrying three massive size burgers. While the buns were topped with sesame seeds, we could see big patties in between. The text on the picture read, “Dinner made by one and only Abhinav Shukla.” A sticker, reading “Yummy”, was also visible on it.

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In another post, we spotted Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla spending some quality time on the beach. In the next slide, the actress shared glimpses of the couple’s breakfast. After an amazing time on the beach, they enjoyed avocado toast. The picture shows us two different plates of avocado toast. The toast was topped with sliced cucumber, tomatoes and avocados. Another plate included what looks like radish salad. We can also see a piece of chicken breast, kept next to it. The caption read, “Sunday-inggggggg be like”.

It appears that Rubina has a special liking for avocados. She was earlier seen relishing a plate of sliced avocados with onion rings, ketchup and mustard sauce. Read all about it here.

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