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Sialkot Airport to remain shut down from May 6 to May 18

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SIALKOT – The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced the temporary shut down of Sialkot International Airport’s runway for maintenance purposes, spanning a period of 13 days starting from May 6 to May 18. 

This decision, relayed to both domestic and international airlines, was communicated through a Notice to Airmen (Notum), as reported by the media.

Passengers are advised to reach out to their respective airlines for updates on flight schedules during this brief shutdown. 

Sialkot Airport shut down 

Sialkot International Airport is a hub for global connectivity, facilitating approximately 59 direct flights monthly. 

Discussions are reportedly ongoing among domestic and international airlines to potentially reroute flights originally bound for Sialkot to operate from Lahore Airport during this maintenance period.

However, with the airport’s closure for maintenance, more than 110 international flights are expected to be affected during the 13-day period in May.

The runway at Sialkot International Airport is notable for its dimensions, spanning 3600 meters in length and 45 meters in width.

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