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Stand-Up Comedian Gaurav Kapoor On Jobs, Love And West Delhi Characters

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Gaurav Kapoor at the event

New Delhi:

Stand-Up comedian Gaurav Kapoor, who introduced himself as a “freelancer”, spoke his heart out about today’s youth, importance of love and relationship in career, his inspiration and how he deals with the pressure of creating content at the NDTV’s Yuva – Youth For Change mega conclave held in New Delhi today. Speaking to NDTV’s Arun Singh, Gaurav said he is the “funniest” person in his family. Talking about taking up stand-up as a career, Gaurav said, “I used to do a job. I did stand-up and job simultaneously. When I felt, I had saved enough, I started doing it full-time.”

Taking a cue from his words, Gaurav Kapoor was asked to choose between doing job and business. In his signature style, he said, “Job is better for starting off. Do the mistakes in other’s business. But for the long run, business is a better option always.” When Asked about the importance of love and relationship in one’s career, he said, “If you are a blogger, it helps (laugh). Otherwise, love and relationships are different. Career is different. Thoda support mil jata hai (You get a bit of support).” When asked about the importance of numbers on social media, Gaurav said, “All contents can’t be viral. With the passage of time, we learn to accept the fact. But numbers do matter in this profession.”

When asked about the source of his inspiration for his performance, Gaurav Kapoor referred to the West Delhi characters he has seen while growing up. “I used to see a man standing on the road throughout the day. I don’t know how he earned his bread and butter. I only knew, during Dussehra, he would get a commission from the person who would dress up like Raavan (laugh).”

The star comedian also said that today’s youth have more access to information than earlier. However, parents have also shifted to OTTs from television due the the boom in technology, he said.

Speaking of NDTV’s Yuva – Youth For Change mega, Union Minister for Youth Affairs Anurag Thakur was the chief guest at the event and talked about harnessing the power of youth in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The event will feature performances by Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra, singer Jasleen Royal and panel discussions with social media influencers Divija Bhasin and Dr Cuterus among many others.

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