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This Drink Recipe Upgrades Your Strawberry Milkshake In The Most Delicious Way

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Milkshakes have a dedicated fanbase that goes beyond any age. You will find a set of people across places, ages, and genders ordering a chilled glass of strawberry milkshake every time they plan to visit any juice corner. Then some never leave a chance to get hold of some fresh strawberries for a delicious drink. Now, if you are one of them, then this article is just for you. As the season of strawberries is here, we got you a beverage recipe that upgrades your regular milkshake most perfectly. It’s called strawberry fresca. Sounds delicious? So, without further ado, let’s take you through the recipe.
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What Is Fresca? How Different It Is From Strawberry Milkshake?

Fresca is a popular beverage in Mexican cuisine that perfectly complements your spice meals. Fresca means fresh, and it does the exact job of refreshing you with the flavours. Though it is made with milk, much like a milkshake, the drink is a light and easy sip unlike the latter.
To put it simply, milkshakes are usually heavy and creamy, fresca on the other hand are light on the stomach.

Strawberry Fresca Recipe | How To Make Strawberry Fresca At Home:

This particular recipe is shared by Chef Guntas Sethi on her Instagram handle. To make the dish, you need strawberries, water, milk, and condensed milk.
Now, in a blender, add strawberries and water and blend the two until smooth. Next, in a fine mesh sieve, strain the mixture and combine it with milk and condensed milk in a large pitcher. Mix until they blend well. Next, add some finely chopped strawberries to it and chill until the drink is ready to serve.
Now, pour it into a tall glass, add some ice and freshly chopped strawberries, and take a sip. Loved the drink? So, without further ado, try it at home and relish

Watch the detailed recipe video of strawberry fresca here:

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