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This Viral Video Of Chocolate Croissant Will Force You To Watch It On Loop

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Flaky on the outside with creamy filling on the inside, croissants are one of the most loved baked goodies. From fruity fillings to the classic original version, this French pastry truly has some delightful variations. You must be wondering, why all of a sudden we are talking about croissants. Well, we just came across a video, demonstrating a unique way of making chocolate croissants, and we can’t stop watching it on loop. The clip was shared by a food vlogger on Instagram and shows the setting of a massive kitchen. The video begins with a chef prepping a lip-smacking chocolate croissant. In the video, we can see sliced pieces of dough with a dollop of chocolate in each of them. The chef simply holds the top corner of the pieces and starts spiralling to give it the shape of a croissant. 

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Sharing the video the food page simply wrote “Chocolate croissant,” in Italian. Check out the clip here.

The video gathered more than 12 million views and the comments section was flooded with users praising this unique way to make chocolate croissants. A few even expressed their urge to learn the technique. “I need to learn to wrap 1 million to get his craft,” said a user.

A comment read, “Why bother when you can make it simple.”

“In my opinion, the chef must have made a lot of croissants to have such skill… This is so good!!!” said a user.

Another exclaimed, “Amazing what craftsmanship!”

It turns out we were not the only ones to watch this on loop, as a foodie confessed, “I’ve watched the video 100 times to see the beginning bend and I still can’t figure it out.”

Some even joked about the technique, “One of those videos that when you try at home you get the dough all over your face.”

The chef’s effort was well appreciated. A comment read, “He put all his soul in these croissants.”

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Will you try this croissant-making technique at home? 

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