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Tomato Chutney Who? Make Way For This Sweet And Tangy Orange Chutney

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Sweet and tangy, when it comes to citrus fruits, orange stands apart not just for being visually appealing but also incredibly nutritious. As we prepare to bid farewell to winter, sweet oranges are booming in local markets. As per WebMD, oranges are packed with fibre, vitamin C, and antioxidants that are beneficial for health and the immune system. It can help in weight management and maintaining glowing skin. Since they will be out of season, we have an incredibly cool recipe to make sure you enjoy the benefits of this fruit for long – Orange Chutney! Intrigued? Read on to learn how to make this sweet and tangy condiment.

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Orange chutney has a balance of sweet and savoury taste.
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What Does Orange Chutney Taste Like?

Orange chutney has a balance between sweet, tangy and savoury flavours that come from a variety of ingredients used in this condiment. The sweetness of the oranges comes from the oranges and sugar added to the chutney while the tanginess comes from the vinegar. Moreover, this chutney recipe also contains Indian spices like mustard seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric, and red chilli powder which add an aromatic taste to the chutney.

What Can You Pair With Orange Chutney?

Because of its versatility, orange chutney makes for a perfect condiment with a variety of dishes. You can pair it with dosas/idlis, pakoras, sandwiches, tikkas, biryanis, raitas, and whatnot. Orange chutney can range anything from sweet to spicy depending on the way you choose your ingredients. Its chunky texture and vibrant colour not only make it visually appealing but also a very versatile condiment. 

Orange chutney can be paired with any dish of your choice.

Orange chutney can be paired with any dish of your choice.
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How To Make Orange Chutney: Recipe To Make Orange Chutney At Home

Orange chutney is an easy condiment recipe that has a balance of several flavours. This jam-like chutney pairs well with almost every dish. To make orange chutney at home, wash and peel the oranges. Cook it in oil along with mustard seeds and other spices so that it is mushy and soft. Add sugar and spices to balance the taste and finally remove it from the pan. Let it cool and serve!

Need a step-by-step recipe to make Orange chutney? Click here to learn more!

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