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Viral Video: Travellers Brew Tea On Frozen Stream In Kashmir, Garner 76 Million Views

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Vacations in the hills are synonymous with hot cups of tea, warm soup and crispy fritters. The warmth and taste of tea in the chilly mountains is unmatched and this is perhaps what a group of travellers in Jammu and Kashmir were attempting to recreate in a video that has gone viral on social media. The video posted by the Instagram handle @trahuller has been played more than 76 million times. Shot amidst the snow-capped mountainous terrain, the video shows the group preparing tea by themselves. To do so, the group used snow from the frozen stream. The clip begins with a person using a glass to collect the ice from the frozen stream. They then use a camp stove to prepare the tea. Once the ice has melted, they add tea leaves and sugar to the water. Next, milk from a Tetra pack goes into the pot and the tea is allowed to boil. 
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The video concluded with the three of them sipping the piping hot tea. Guess what? It looks like Maggi was also on the menu as one can spot packets of the instant noodles lying next to their stove. The caption read, “Making chai on a frozen stream.”

Needless to say, the video went viral in no time. Several flooded the comments section with different views. A user wrote, “Badly wanted to recreate it.” Another added, “One day with my homies.”
A user joked, “Bro made ice tea.”
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The video also sparked some hygiene concerns among the users, as a comment read, “What if someone has peed on that baraf [snow] two days back?”
Referring to the Bollywood film Dunki‘s hit track Lutt Putt Gaya in the background, another comment read, “Le bacteria: OOO Mannu tu to gaya.
“Bacteria laughing in the corner,” wrote a user.
Have you ever tried something like this on your vacation? Tell us in the comments.

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