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Watch: Girl Cooks Chicken Curry Using Electric Kettle In Hostel, Internet Impressed

From drooling over the canteen’s samosas to escaping boring mess food, hostel life is truly loaded with some golden memories. Agreed? Well, we do too. While the hostelers are deprived of the comfort of “ghar ka khana,” they are honestly privileged with culinary adventures behind those locked doors. Hit by nostalgia? If yes, then you have surely enjoyed those electric water kettle Maggi and boiled eggs with your roommates. But how would you react if we told you that you could have also prepared a proper chicken gravy with just that electric water kettle? Well, we also didn’t know until the internet brought forth a viral video of a girls’ hostel, wherein a few hostelers prepared a complete feast for themselves.
The now-viral clip on Instagram begins with the text “Pov: Hostel life.” The video shows a girl peeling an onion on a plate, which already carries many peeled garlic cloves, onion, and some spinach leaves. After chopping everything as per requirements, the girl puts raw chicken pieces in an electric water kettle. She adds water and tops it with all the chopped vegetables, including some potatoes. Then she adds all the spices and lets it boil. While the video doesn’t reveal how long the hostelers let it all boil, once ready, the girl sprinkles chopped coriander on top. The next frame shows about a dozen girls enjoying the chicken gravy with plain white rice. Check out the full video here:
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The comments section of the viral video was flooded with users expressing their views. The clip also sparked a meme fest in the comments section. Many hostelers confessed to using their electric water kettle to cook food in their hostel rooms. A user channeled his inner wit and wrote, “Kettle be like: maa, meri shaktiyon ka galat istemal ho raha hai.” Another comment read, “To wash this vessel is the greatest nightmare.”
Another user lauded the girls for cooking chicken in an electric water kettle while confessing that he can’t even make Maggi in it. “I don’t know how you guys cook chicken in this kettle. I can’t even cook good Maggi in the kettle, it always burns, also my kettle always gives me a shock while making Maggi.” “Have I been the only one to witness this unique knife-cutting skill for the first time?” said a user. A user hilariously claimed, “Hostelers can cook any dish in the kettle.”

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