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Watch: How To Make Goan Prawn Cutlet – Try This Easy Peasy Recipe

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What comes to your mind when we say Goa? Of course, you will say pristine beaches, exciting parties and the relaxing at a shack, while enjoying some fried fish and a bottle of beer. But, to your surprise, the place has more to it. Goa has a rich history of its own, and proof of it lies in the cuisine. You heard us. Goan cuisine is super interesting. It is a healthy mix of Portuguese culture, Hindu food habits and flavours of the Konkan region. It is varied, flavourful and has something to offer for every type of taste bud. In this article, we will talk about a popular Goan snack, named Sungtache Dangar. Oh, don’t get afraid. It’s nothing complicated – in fact, it is the delicious prawn (sungtache) cutlet (dangar), with a regional twist to it.

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What Makes Goan Cuisine So Unique? What Is So Special About Goan Food?

According to an article on, Goa’s colonial past left an incredible mark on its cuisine. The most significant cultural influence came from the Portuguese beginning in the 16th century CE. In 1510, the Portuguese general Albuquerque captured Goa from the Sultan of Bijapur. This resulted in the introduction of certain culinary items to the region such as potatoes, chilies, tomatoes, cashew, pineapple, bread, vinegar, and different kinds of meats.

But if you dive in deep, you will find variations in the food preparations of the Goan Hindu and Goan Christian communities. The dishes popular among the Hindu Goan community make wide use of tamarind and kokum to induce a sourish flavour. In contrast, the dishes of the Goan Christians make wide use of vinegar. Over time, the cuisine and culinary tradition were also “influenced by Konkani, British, Saraswat, and South Indian cuisines, apart from the Portuguese” reads the report on

Goan Prawn Cutlet Recipe | How To Make Sungtache Dangar:

Here, we got you the classic Goan prawn cutlet recipe by Goan content creator Shrishti Prabhudesai.

For the marination, you need small-sized prawns, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt. Next, prepare a dangar mixture with onion, tomato, green or red chilli, tamarind pulp, ginger-garlic paste, rice flour, coriander leaves, coriander powder, and garam masala.

Now, mix it with the marinated prawns and add some salt, if needed. Now, make small balls, coat them with semolina and flatten them thinly on tawa. Finally, shallow fry the cutlet and enjoy them hot.

Watch the Goan prawn cutlet recipe video here:

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