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Watch: Street Vendors Viral Chocolate Paratha Divides The Internet

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Hold on to your taste buds because the culinary world just threw us a curveball! We have witnessed some odd food mash-ups on social media, with reactions ranging from “Wow” to “What were they thinking?” Sometimes you stumble upon a genius combo like peanut butter and jelly, and other times you end up scratching your head over rasgulla momo. But this time, it’s a street vendor’s chocolate paratha that has taken the internet on a rollercoaster of opinions. The paratha, a classic flatbread, has long been celebrated for its savoury fillings like spiced potatoes or paneer. However, the idea of a ‘chocolate paratha’ has raised eyebrows.

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In a viral video shared on Instagram by @yumyumindia, a street vendor unwraps a bar of chocolate, melts it on a hot pan, and throws in some raisins for good measure. Next, he takes a ball of dough, rolls it out, and generously fills it with the chocolate-raisin mix. He then rolls it up into a chocolate-filled paratha. Placing it on a hot pan, he expertly cooks both sides, generously applying spoonfuls of ghee. The final touch involves cutting the paratha into four pieces, served alongside what appeared to be potato sabzi. 

Watch the video here: 

The internet is buzzing with mixed reactions to the viral chocolate paratha.

A user urged, “Plz don’t ruin our food.”
Another wrote, “You guys made me sad.”
Someone stated, “If any of you bloggers’s household accepts this dish, I will also make it.”
A user said, “He didn’t wear gloves, which itself was bad – we know that so I’m not gonna say that. Sab sahi chal raha tha but then he mixed raisins in it. And wait a minute, is that Aloo ki sabzi,” followed by several puking emojis.

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However, amidst the disapproval, there are also voices of acceptance.

A user wrote, “My mother used to make parathas using sugar when I was a child.”
Another user claimed that the dish was not too bad, stating, “I tried this at home.”

Would you try the chocolate paratha? Tell us in the comments.

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