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What Is Brain Bleeding That Sadhguru Had Suffered From? Causes, Symptoms And Steps To Take | Health News

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Much to the relief of  Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s followers, the spiritual leader was discharged from Delhi’s Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals on March 27 after he underwent an emergency brain surgery on March 17. Sadhguru suffered from multiple bleedings in the brain before he was hospitalised. He was reportedly having persistent headaches for many weeks before his condition was diagnosed.



So what is brain bleeding and can it be prevented? How can one identify the problem? Dr Kunal Bahrani, Director of Neurology, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad, sheds light on the matter.

What Is Brain Bleeding?

Brain bleeding, also known as intracranial haemorrhage, is a type of stroke and it happens when there is bleeding inside your brain. “Your brain needs oxygen to work and gets this oxygen through blood vessels. When blood vessels in the brain leak or burst, blood collects inside the skull and brain. This puts pressure on the brain and stops oxygen and nutrients from reaching brain tissues and cells,” says Dr Kunal Bahrani.

Why Brain Bleeding Occurs

Dr Bahrani says that brain bleeding often occurs after accidents or traumatic injuries like falls. “But it can also occur spontaneously known as non-traumatic brain bleeding of which the most important cause is uncontrolled high blood pressure. It’s crucial to understand that a brain bleed is a serious emergency. If brain cells don’t get enough oxygen you can start to die in just a few minutes. Getting treatment quickly is very important for the best chance of recovery.”

Brain Bleeding Symptoms

Dr Bahrani, talking about intense or frequent headaches, mentions, “Yes, and this could be a symptom of an underlying health condition. While they may not always be serious, this can be a sign of something more concerning going on in your body. For example, migraines can cause severe complications together. Cluster headaches are intense and generally arise in clusters over a period. But headaches also can be a symptom of a brain bleed or other critical conditions. Take note if you abruptly experience the worst headache of your life, especially if it comes suddenly and is accompanied by other signs and symptoms like sudden numbness or paralysis of your face, arm, or leg. Headaches associated with confusion, dizziness, and or problems in talking should not be ignored. These might be signs of an emergency like a brain bleed or a stroke.”

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Seek Medical Assistance On Time

Health conditions like uncontrolled blood pressure, sinus infections, and or dehydration can also cause such serious complications, says Dr Bahrani. “So, it is essential to pay attention to your body and note any changes in your headache. If you are experiencing excessive or frequent headaches it is best to speak for your physician. They can assist in determining what is probably inflicting them and recommend the proper treatment,” he says. The doctor adds, “Remember, taking care of your health is important and listening to warning symptoms permits you to catch problems early and get you treated. Do not forget about this or any advice to ensure your well-being.”


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