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What To Do With Leftover Canned Fruits? 5 Easy Ways To Incorporate Them Into Your Meals

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Picture this: You had a few friends over last night for dinner. To impress them with your cooking finesse, you made a delicious custard with a canned fruit cocktail. But now you are left with a half-used open can of fruit cocktail. More often than not, we find ourselves staring at leftover fruits sitting quietly in our refrigerators. In the Indian kitchen, where resourcefulness is celebrated, nothing goes wasted. If you are someone who is struggling to make use of your leftover canned fruit cocktail, then fret not! We have a list of 5 easy ways to use them in the best way possible!

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Leftover fruit cocktail can be used in fruit salads.
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Here Are 5 Ways To Use Leftover Canned Fruits

1. Fruit Salad

One of the best ways to use a leftover canned fruit cocktail is to make a colourful and refreshing fruit salad out of it. Take half a bowl of freshly cut fruits and combine it with the canned fruits to balance out the flavours. Canned fruit cocktail comes with added sugar syrup which perfectly complements fruits like grapes, bananas, strawberries, oranges, etc. To have an extra burst of freshness, add a dressing made of honey, lemon juice and mint on top of it!

2. Fruit Lassi

Incorporate the fruitiness of the leftover canned fruit cocktail into a wholesome lassi. Simply blend the fruits with chilled yoghurt and a dash of milk. If the syrup from the canned fruit cocktail seems insufficient, you add healthy sweeteners like honey. The result would be a creamy, fruity drink that is perfect for any time of the day. 

3. Fruit Parfaits

With leftover canned fruit cocktail, you can easily make fruit parfait for your friends and family. A fruit parfait is a delectable dessert made by layering fruits, yoghurt, and crushed biscuits in a glass. To make a fruit parfait, start by adding a layer of creamy yoghurt to the bottom of your glass, followed by a canned fruit cocktail, and top it with crunchy granola. Repeat the layers until the glass is full and finally sprinkle some crushed biscuits on top of it. This dessert isn’t just satisfying but also a nutritious way to use leftover canned fruit cocktail.

Leftover fruit cocktail tastes amazing in parfaits.

Leftover fruit cocktail tastes amazing in parfaits.
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4. Fruit Popsicle

Turn the leftover canned fruit cocktail into refreshing homemade popsicles for kids. Simply pour the leftover fruits into popsicle moulds, insert sticks and freeze until solid. To add extra flavours, you can also mix coconut water, fruit juice or even blended fresh fruits before freezing. These homemade popsicles are a healthier version of market-made popsicles. 

5. Fruit Jam

Why not convert the leftover canned fruit cocktail into a delicious version of homemade jam? Canned fruit cocktails can easily be turned into jam that can be enjoyed with toast, parathas, ice creams and cakes. All you have to do is cook the fruits with honey and add a dash of lemon juice until it’s soft and thick. Store in air-tight containers and enjoy!

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Can you think of any other way to use leftover fruit cocktail? Let us know in the comments below!

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